Hello all!! 

Dolls and Crochet Items!

These handmade products are none refundable! I take my time to make these items and this is a small business so please make sure you really want this item before you checkout!




We recommend that you watch out “How to tie” Waistbeads video a few times before applying your beads!

As much as we love you and and we are so thankful for your support we are not responsible to replace or restring your Waistbeads if you so happen to tie your beads wrong or you mess up and your bead breaks or you loss control of your Waistbeads.


We are also not responsible if your beads break, we have done research and plenty of testing where we know we use very strong an durable materials to make sure your Waistbeads can handle your day to day life!! So please watch the video we provide to assure that your Waistbeads will last!


We do not restring Waistbeads for any reason, due to personal reasons and Covid-19!


We will not replace beads of you put a knot in them!

We will not replace beads if your partner breaks them!

We love you but we are not responsible!



LaNee Tay